Portrait of Hwang Byungki: New and Traditional Music for Korean Instruments

Hwang Byungki is Korea’s acclaimed master of the classical kayagum, an ancient ancestor of the Japanese koto. His six-member ensemble performs traditional music and original works by Hwang on kayagum, taegum (flute), komungo (zither), and changgu (hour-glass drum). Hwang Byungki has toured internationally for more than forty years. In 1990, he led an ensemble to North Korea to perform in a landmark concert advocating the reunification of Korea.
This concert was made possible, in part, by the Korea Society and the Korea Foundation. Recorded live on June 5, 2007, Meyer Auditorium, Freer Gallery of Art.

Sounds of the Night (0:00-11:30)
Soyop Sanbang (11:53-22:10)
Moon of My Hometown (22:36-27:02)
Kayagum sanjo (27:25-46:02)
Harimsong (46:40-54:20)
Ch’imhyangmu (Dance of Aloe Perfume) (54:43-1:08:50)

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