Mirror with dragons


Historical period(s)
Eastern Zhou dynasty, 5th-4th century BCE
Bronze with gold and silver inlay
Diam x D: 19.7 x 1.5 cm (7 3/4 x 9/16 in)
Credit Line
Purchase — Charles Lang Freer Endowment
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Currently not on view
Metalwork, Mirror


casting, China, Eastern Zhou dynasty (770 - 221 BCE), inlay, WWII-era provenance

From at least 1933 to 1936
C. T. Loo & Company, Paris from at least January 1933 [1]

From 1936
Freer Gallery of Art, purchased from C.T. Loo & Company, Paris and New York on March 3, 1936 [2]


[1] Umehara Sueji, "Hosokawa koshaku-ke zo kin-gin-saku shuryo monkyo" (An Inlaid Bronze Mirror in Marquis Hosokawa's Collection), Bijutsu kenkyu no. 13 (January 1933), p. 5, pl. 3, listed as owned by C. T. Loo, Paris.

[2] See C. T. Loo's invoice dated March 3, 1936, copy in object file. The mirror was included on a "List of objects owned by C. T. Loo, New York and [sent to] the Gallery for examination, December 1934." The invoice was issued by C.T. Loo's Paris gallery.

Previous Owner(s)

C.T. Loo & Company active 1908-1950

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Chinese Art
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