The Ramayana (Tales of Rama; The Freer Ramayana), Volume 2

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Patron: Abd al-Rahim
Artist: Syama Sundara Ghulam 'Ali Syama Sundara Kala Pahara Kamal Mohan Mushfiq Nadim Nadir (Bihhud) Qasim Sadi (active 16th century) Shyam Sundar Yusuf 'Ali Zayn al'-'Abidin
Historical period(s)
Mughal dynasty, Reign of Akbar, 1597-1605
Mughal Court
Mughal School
Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper, in modern bindings
H x W: 27.5 x 15.2 cm (10 13/16 x 6 in)
Credit Line
Gift of Charles Lang Freer
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ascetic, Brahma, chariot, Dasharatha, death, demon, giant, Hanuman, herb, hermitage, illustrated, India, Indra, Krishna, Kubera, Kumbhakarna, Kusha, Lakshmana, Lava, Madhavi, monkey, Mughal dynasty (1526 - 1858), Rama, Ramayana, Ravana, Reign of Akbar (1556 - 1605), sacrifice, sage, Shiva, Sita

To 1907
Colonel Henry Bathurst Hanna (1839-1914), London, to 1907 [1]

From 1907 to 1919
Charles Lang Freer (1854-1919), purchased from Colonel Henry Bathurst Hanna in 1907 [2]

From 1920
Freer Gallery of Art, gift of Charles Lang Freer in 1920 [3]


[1] Purchased with the Hanna Collection in 1907. See Original Catalogue of the Hanna Sale: Manuscripts I, S.I. 1583, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives. See also "Miscellaneous" volume of Freer House Catalogue, pgs. 167-183.

[2] See note 1.

[3] The original deed of Charles Lang Freer's gift was signed in 1906. The collection was received in 1920 upon the completion of the Freer Gallery.

Previous Owner(s)

Charles Lang Freer 1854-1919
Colonel Henry Bathurst Hanna (C.L. Freer source) 1839 - 1914

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South Asian and Himalayan Art
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