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54 objects

Princess with Attendants

Detached album folio; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script; recto: Princess with attendants; verso: sarlawh, text: Invocation to God and Padishahs, one column, six lines, two seals. Border: The painting has occupied the full width of the page; the text is set in an illuminated border mounted on cream-colored paper with gold and colorful flowers.


Hindola Raga

A ruler enthroned

Detached folio from an unidentified text: A ruler enthroned; top page inscription in Persian black nasta’liq script. Border: The painting is set in gold and red rulings in an outer frame with gold and blue floral and geometric motifs; mounted on black paperboard.


Folio from an album; recto: A prince feasts

Detached album folio, left-hand half of a double-page from the “Vignier Album”; separate from the facing folio (S1986.198); A prince feasts; one of a group of six folios. Border: The painting is set in a gold inner frame and an outer frame of rectangular and quatrefoil geometric and floral motifs in a gold and lapis …