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Sufi riding a leopard from a Bustan (Orchard) by Sa’di (1291)

Manuscript; Bustan (Orchard) by Sa’di; Persian in black and gold nasta’liq script; 46 folios with 1 sarlawh (folio 1verso), 1 dated colophon (folio 46 recto), 2 paintings (fols.4, and 14 recto), and illuminated headings; inscriptions: fols. 14, 17, 46, 53 recto; standard page: 4 columns, 21 lines of text. Binding: The manuscript is bound in …


Detached folio from a Bustan (Orchard) by Sa’di (d.1291); Execution of the Barsisa

Detached folio from a dispersed copy of Bustan (Orchard) by Sa’di; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script, headings in white; right-hand half recto: blank, verso: right-hand half of a double-page frontispiece, facing folio (S1986.193.2); left-hand half recto: Execution of the Barsisa, verso: blank; one of a group of two folios. Border: The painting is set …