Featured Artists | Found in Translation

Mako Mori
Performance Art
Mariko Mori: One of the most visible Japanese artists worldwide, Mariko Mori works in video and photography. Her creations often juxtapose Eastern philosophy with Western culture and pop culture with traditional Japanese identity. Her performance of Oneness will be held in the Moongate Garden during the VIP reception.
headshot of Takaya Nagase
Takaya Nagase: Known as an ambassador for New York’s legendary JOY parties, DJ Takaya Nagase’s musical style does not neatly fit into one genre. Instead, he expresses aspects of house, disco, soul, funk, jazz, reggae, dub, techno, ambient, electronica, rock, African, and Latin music. His style is free, flexible, and original, allowing Takaya to create a singular musical experience.
Erik Bruner-Yang
Erik Bruner-Yang: Born in Taiwan, Erik Bruner-Yang is a James Beard-recognized chef. In Washington, DC, he has lent his culinary talents to the wildly popular restaurants Toki Underground, Maketto, Brothers and Sisters, and Spoken English.
photo of a male and female seated at two round tables next with candles on them, a suitcase is on the ground next to them with the words "FREE HAIKU" painted on it
Haiku Guys + Gals: International performance poets Haiku Guys + Gals provide unforgettable interactive entertainment for every type of event imaginable. They can be spotted at parties wearing vintage suits and standing beside antique typewriters. Inspired by conversations with guests, the poets compose original haikus that serve as one-of-a-kind keepsakes.