Film: “Pig”

Sunday, February 24, 2019, 2 PM

Watch the trailer.

Pig is a dark satire on artistic egotism from Mani Haghighi (About Elly, A Dragon Arrives!). Hasan Majuni plays Hasan, a famous movie director whose career has languished since he was placed on a government blacklist. His favorite actress and mistress (Leila Hatami) seems ready to move on professionally and personally. Worst of all, a serial killer beheading Iran’s most esteemed filmmakers has conspicuously neglected to target him. (The killer is displaying “no criteria, no sense of stature” in choosing his victims, Hasan complains to his mother.) Out of desperation, this frustrated filmmaker embarks on a plan to launch his career into orbit. (Dir.: Mani Haghighi, Iran, 2017, 108 min., DCP, Persian with English subtitles)

  • Venue: Freer Gallery of Art
  • Event Location: Freer, Meyer Auditorium
  • Cost: Free