Film: “King Drummer”

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 2 PM

Riding on the success of Hong Kong Nocturne, Umetsugu Inoue created this remake of his most successful Japanese film, The Stormy Man. He updated its setting from Japan’s flashy 1950s to Hong Kong’s swinging ’60s, a colorful world of glamorous nightclubs and sequin-clad jazz combos. Its plot concerns the competition between a successful but egotistical drummer and a poor hero from the sticks who threatens to take his place. Regarded as one of Inoue’s greatest Hong Kong films, King Drummer provides a look at how he adapted his Japanese style to the Shaw Brothers’ aesthetic. (Dir.: Umetsugu Inoue, Hong Kong, 1967, 103 min., Digibeta, Mandarin with English subtitles)

  • Venue: Freer Gallery of Art
  • Event Location: Freer, Meyer Auditorium
  • Cost: Free