Film: “Dare to Stop Us”

Friday, November 30, 2018, 7 PM

US premiere!

Between 1969 and 1972, Koji Wakamatsu was at the height of his powers. In Tokyo’s creative milieu of nonstop booze, cigarettes, and sexual experimentation, the director churned out “pink” films that used extreme sex and violence to advance his revolutionary political beliefs. Dare to Stop Us recreates those chaotic years as seen through the eyes of Megumi (Mugi Kadowaki), a young woman who takes a job as Wakamatsu’s assistant director. According to the Japan Times’ Mark Schilling, this “hard-hitting homage” features an “inspired performance” by Arata Iura as Wakamatsu. It is also a true labor of love: Iura starred in a handful of Wakamatsu’s movies, and director Kazuya Shiraishi once worked as his assistant. Intended for mature audiences. (Dir.: Kazuya Shiraishi, Japan, 2018, 118 min., DCP, Japanese with English subtitles)

  • Venue: Freer Gallery of Art
  • Event Location: Meyer Auditorium
  • Cost: Free