Classification: Metalwork

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Krasna Jambhala

Talismanic case with prayer scroll

An amulet for Qur’anic prayer scrolls: silver plated over brass. Rounded ends, six sided with raised decorations and Arabic writing. Cap on end. Three loops for a chain or suspension. Qur’anic prayer scroll from amulet: rolled semi-transparent parchment, fine black writing of prayers and talismanic numerals with color borders and border inscriptions.


Naga ring

Exquisitely fashioned from 22 carat gold, the ring takes the shape of a coiled naga. The tip of its tail coils close beside the band, and the body spirals around the finger, culminating in a powerful face with bulging eyes, upturned snout, and mouth with fanged teeth and extended tongue. The serpent’s scales are individually …