Classification: Faience

95 objects

Pectoral amulet depicting the god Anubis

Faience pectoral amulet. Perforated horizontally for stringing, shrine-shaped plaque. The top border of the shrine is modeled and accented with black, but the other details are painted in black beneath the final coat of glaze. The central design is surrounded by a border. The border pattern on the top and sides consists of two narrow …


Amulet of a goddess, perhaps Sakhmet

Striding figure of either the Memphite goddess Sakhmet or the goddess Bastet. This anthropomorphic deity combines the body of a woman and the head of a lioness. The figure strides upon a rectangular base with her left foot forward. She wears an ankle-length sheath gown and tripartite wig; on her head is a sun disc …




Standing figure of the deity Khnum

Amulet of the ram-headed god of creation, Khnum. Khnum is an anthropomorphic deity with the head of a ram and the body of a human male. He strides with his left leg forward upon a rectangular base. Both arms hang at his sides and his hands are clenched in fists. He wears a tri-partite wig …


Amulet of the goddess Taweret

Amulet of the hippopotamus goddess, Taweret, modeled in the round. Both legs broken at the thighs; left hand missing. She takes the form of a female hippopotamus standing upright on her hind legs. She has a rounded stomach and very pendulous breasts. She wears a tri-partite wig, the back portion of which ends in a …




Shallow faience bowl with an intense blue glaze. The flat rim of the bowl is painted black. The bowl is painted on the inside surface with figures outlined in black. In the center is a circle, divided into four sections; two are painted black, the other two left unpainted. Four lotus flowers project from the …